About us

Two Chefs, One Passion

Chef Carlee and Chef Adam started Sporgy with a passion for mushrooms. Carlee, a vegetarian, graduated from The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. She worked as a Chef on the east coast through-out the restaurant industry, then migrated into becoming a Personal Chef for elite clientele. She also competed on The Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen television show. Shortly after moving to the west coast, Carlee met Adam in Southern California. Adam, worked in the culinary field doing everything from mass catering to fine dining, as well as being a Personal Chef. Adam comes from a large Texas family and has a special place in his heart for smoked foods. Naturally Carlee and Adam felt the urge to come up with Sporgy and its uniquely delicious, healthy, naturally smoked, vegan friendly, whole maitake mushroom jerky.