All About Our Mushroom Jerky

Local Organic Fresh Maitake

Every batch of mushroom jerky gets made with locally grown organic maitake mushrooms.

Every batch of mushroom jerky is made with locally grown organic maitake mushrooms.

Handmade Small Batches


Perfect sized morsels are separated by hand to create each tasty bite sized piece.

Naturally Smoked


We use a special blend of woods to achieve smooth natural smokey flavor.

Balanced Gourmet Flavor


Our hand crafted artisan sauces are perfectly balanced with the use of the fresh maitake mushroom, giving our mushroom jerky a complex flavor and amazing texture, that some say they can believe its not beef.

Made with natural ingredients


Sporgy is a company dedicated to making snacks with honest ingredients and never using nitrates or harmful preservatives. Also we use a eco-friendly resealable rice paper bags as part of our sustainable promise

Super food into a super snack


All of Sporgy's Maitake Mushroom Jerky is made in the heart of California Wine Country, Sonoma County.

Mushroom Jerky Nutrional Facts

Maitake BBQ

Naturally Smoked

Naturally Smoked

Wine Thyme


No Sugar Added

Not Smoked

Mexican Mole


Naturally Smoked

No Sugar Added

Honey Mustard

Not Smoked

Not Smoked

Local Honey